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Church at 2801 North Brea Boulevard, Fullerton, CA 92835

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  • 3 services and more than 20 adult fellowships, teen and kids programs. All happening on Sunday. There's something for everyone. Also, just hired a new Lead Pastor, who's a dynamic speaker & can present biblical Truth. Check it out for yourself.

    Added July 23, 2017 by Shou Mo
  • Hi I am sunny from India. Love the Church, awesome people. Feels like home. Great people who has heart for International Students.

    Added June 13, 2017 by Sunny Lael
  • Heart felt love for this place!! Sermons are great. People are loving and are always ready to help. They make international students feel at home!!! ❤️ God bless The Church.

    Added March 09, 2017 by Sharon Rose
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    No true service for Traditional worshipers to connect, unless you are retired and can meet at an informal gathering on Wed mornings. Changes during the past 4 years made very abruptly with very harsh treatment to elderly population in the congregation. Lots of lip service to being sensitive to the congregation, but support of worship style and programs favor the younger Contemporary worshiper, at the expense of a significant portion of the congregation who have been vital contributors to the Church family for many decades... Those people are now on the fringe... Mostly the traditional and more conservative worshipers.

    Added January 19, 2017 by Andrew Collins
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    They are the church with the gym! How can the leaders of this church be able to preach against lust and vanity when a gym is the very entity that welcomes such things. Unlike in the 1980s and early 1990s, fitness today is sold on the pure basis of sexuality and vanity like everything else. This church is teaching confused doctrine and sending mixed messages to it's immediate community. And this church is always in scandal and leadership crisis. Their name was implicated in THREE sex abuse scandals! Pastor Mike was accused of being an adulterer. He resigned and the church poorly attempted to sweep the reasons behind it under the rug.

    Added November 23, 2016 by austin yearwood
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